Union, if you haven’t already guessed it, is a very human place. And we don’t say that lightly. We are all about people that love what they do, and do it exceptionally well. Talented people that love working with others, and are always willing to evolve and learn different ways of doing things. Talented, open-minded people that love how new ideas and new technologies can make life better for all of those around us.

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Our culture

At Union, service culture runs in our veins. It’s because we’ve always thought more like a community than as a business. We’ve always thought about what we can do to create the ideal environment where people from all kinds of backgrounds, all walks of life, can have the time and resources to do what they love, and to evolve. This kind of thinking about our own company runs right through to our thinking for our clients. Embracing diversity. Encouraging innovation. Fostering futures. Putting people first.

Improving customer experience for everyone

We are all about innovative, forward-thinking people who love to push the envelope of human experience. We thrive on teamwork, technology and finding bold new ways to democratize customer experience management. We build long-term, trusting partnerships with our clients to create customer experience driven brands like no other. And we’re always looking for creative minds to be a part of this mission.

Integrity. Passion. Unity. Ingenuity

Union values have always been very human values. Values that play a big role in our day-to-day interactions. Integrity, doing the right thing, has always been our guiding light — in how we approach our team, clients, partners and our work. Passion, the result of an environment that gives people room to think and grow. Unity, seeking the common ground and innovative new ground to achieve richer experiences for our clients. Ingenuity, the result of challenging each other, turning bold ideas into reality. And always keeping an optimistic mind-set, and being open to change.


We believe in possibility. It’s why we develop our people at all stages of their careers. Brands, consumers, technology — they’re in constant evolution. Which is why from internships to our regular staff, we give our talent the tools to grow and evolve beyond their day-to-day functions. Whatever their role — analysts, data scientists, strategists — we empower our people with service culture integration training, as well as ongoing training with our Ambassador program. Giving them the process and technologies to think freely, creatively, and drive bold changes to our client’s brands.

Virtual and hub workplace

The idea is simple. The best work happens when people are at their best. Which at Union means wherever they feel most comfortable. Remote work is a very human way to work, maximizing flexibility, work life balance and personal freedom. All while enabling physical collaboration and socialization. We favour a virtual + hub model because it works. A dynamic environment adapted to today’s shifting needs.

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