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Measure customer experience. Improve overall satisfaction. hexa is an affordable solution that can help you get to know your customers even better.

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hexa Pro brings custom solutions to complement our CX platform. Bringing serious added value to your CX strategy and generating some very tangible results.

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Learn the true meaning of VoC. Find out how it impacts your organization. Thanks to lanla you can now design breakthrough customer experiences and improve them in real time.


The customer experience management platform gathering feedback on how customers experience your business.

hexa is the omnichannel customer experience platform providing a holistic view of your customer’s experiences. It consolidates data sets including survey, social media and ratings and reviews and displays them on a comprehensive dashboard with clear insights and recommended actions.

hexa works hard to gather the information you need to adapt your business to the times. Capturing the customer voice. Real-time notifications. Delivering feedback. Giving you AI-based analytics so you get what’s working and what’s changing in your business. As well as what needs to be worked on. In short, hexa helps your business improve customer satisfaction.


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A mystery shopping app measuring how your customers interact and perceive your brand.

Lanla is Union’s mystery shopping service — a leader in the field for the past two decades. In essence, delivering detailed information about how customers interact with your brand and perceive your brand. Real consumers in real situations. Giving you direct feedback about norms and standards. And overall customer experience. All this, as well as NPS Benchmark studies and competitive reporting..

Lanla enables the collection of targeted feedback to surface insights on specific operational standards. While open-ended comments are critical to understanding the customer experience, we go several steps further with targeted feedback about specific operational issues to proactively design customer-centric experiences.


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“Union works with us and our network of more than 300 hardware stores to ensure the consistency and quality of the services we offer our customers. This process helps us develop a strong brand image as well as retain our customers and attract new clienteles.”

Claudie Gervais, Principal Director, Marketing and Business Intelligence, BMR

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