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Through ingenuity and insights, we turn the experience into serious results. We’re here to build a long-lasting relationship with you so that together we can exceed your goals. Whatever your idea, company, brand, or product — we give it an impact-generating personality to reach your target and stand out of the crowd.



We masterfully blend strategy, data, design and creative so that your customers can interact with your brand in ways that keep them connected. Which is the whole point, right?


We’re all about efficient, honest and transparent communications. Which means we keep you in the loop at all stages. Think of us as part of your team. We love high fives too.


A brand is a very personal thing. We’re here to take the things that ignite you and your company — influences, ideas, motivations — and transform them into stories that will inspire both your employees and customers.

What we bring to the table.

A powerful, meaningful, data driven, creative product.
BOOM. The result of intensive collaboration with you.

Strategic development

Successful projects are the result of an optimized relationship between strategy and creativity. By bringing both together we can understand what motivates your customers, and deliver relevant, surprising, snackable content that they’ll want to engage with. And share.

Branding and design

We eat branding for lunch, so it goes without saying that we do everything within our power to maximize your brand experience, no matter what the budget, complexity, competition, technology, or market forces. And we manage to innovate while we’re at it. Creating cultural relevance through brand experiences, that people will pay a premium for.

Web and digital marketing

Fact. Consumers no longer recognize the difference between online and offline experiences. With an infinite number of digital touchpoints for your brand, a memorable digital experience is more relevant than ever. Which is why we’re here to accompany you from user experience to user interface to development and beyond. And that’s pretty far.

Data analysis and insights

Say hi to Hexa. This is our customer experience management platform. And it’s here to give you the data and insights you need to make sure your brand is pulling its weight. Hexa will go a long way for you with brand metrics to test new concepts or diagnose perception challenges. You can also make business cases. And be all around more data-driven in your decision-making, performance measuring and outcome optimization.

Learn more about hexa

How we get things done.

Create seamless connections between your brand and your customers.



We take the time to get to know you and understand the finer points of your brand reality. We discuss the best way to collaborate.



We employ everything we’ve learned about your brand, and design it to create the most engaging brand experience possible.



We go far beyond expectations and deploy your brand experience across all relevant media.

Culture made human.

Many specific expertise. One integrated experience

Delivering an integrated brand experience demands a holistic service offering. We bring together experts from all levels of the brand experience. People that are quick to engage with your brand, and quick to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. On the fly.

Union Institute

Partnerships made human.

We offer customized business solutions across many industries

“Union works with us and our network of more than 300 hardware stores to ensure the consistency and quality of the services we offer our customers. This process helps us develop a strong brand image as well as retain our customers and attract new clienteles.”

Claudie Gervais, Principal Director, Marketing and Business Intelligence, BMR

Our clients

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