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That’s where we come in. As leaders in customer experience and marketing research for the past 20 years, our team of experts is fully equipped to measure, manage and improve your customer experience. And we do it with Lanla — advanced methodological tools and approaches adapted to your business needs.


Collect high-value data

We use the right tools and techniques to ask the right questions at the right time in your customer’s journey.

Benefit from tangible results

We work hard to better understand your consumers to make data driven, strategic and operational decisions.

customer loyalty

We design and implement action plans for a better customer experience.

What we bring to the table.

Tailored tools that will give you all you need so that you can measure and manage your customer experience in real time. And then some.

Voice of Customer Surveys

Continuously measure your customer satisfaction with our hexa platform. Do it in real-time. Manage detractors. Turn promoters into ambassadors. Measure B2C or B2B relationships. Just wow.

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Operationalize Social Media Reviews

We make the most of customer feedback. And we do it through the wonders of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and our AI platform. Analyzing and categorizing social media feedback so you can improve the customer experience. We also help you assess online comments, rank and categorize feedback, as well as track results and disparities.

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Mystery Shopper Program

A sure way to ensure consistent service standards. Better understand customer expectations. Find out more about your competitors. Whatever your goal, we have the right mystery shopper program for you. From understanding in-store experiences to real consumer mystery shoppers, professional mystery shoppers, competitive analysis, Covid-19 experience, and more.

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One-Time Surveys

Almost everything is measurable. General satisfaction. Customer behaviour. Franchise or client perception. From one-time satisfaction surveys to perception studies to assess your products and services, we have the right survey for you. Plus surveys focusing on purchase behaviour and expectations, as well as brand awareness, equity and engagement.

Positioning and NPS surveys

Get the big picture of your brand, competitors, and how it is perceived by consumers. Build action plans and budgets to ensure the current and future competitiveness of your organization. These surveys enable you to gauge customer experience in relation to competitors and address both loyal and non-loyal customers.

Web & Mobile Intercept

Perfect for both online and mobile experiences. Monitor customer experience in real time. Send pop-up questionnaires according to user experience. Diagnose user experience in real time. Evaluate UX on an ongoing basis. And even capture dissatisfied visitor feedback before they comment on social media.

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Audience Segmentation

It’s all about the audience. Build loyalty through detailed archetypes of your audiences and their behaviours. Identify influencers and develop a brand advocate profile. Audience behaviour, identity, decision making and engagement — see how they relate to your brand and the world surrounding it.

Journey Mapping

Understand, prioritize and design your customer journey. Create personas to personalize your approach. Gather pertinent information at different stages of the customer journey and more.

Data Analysis and Insights

20 years in customer experience culture.  A rigorous approach. A capacity to analyze and interpret data. Unique data collection methodologies and proprietary technology. And a team of experts delivering operational and strategic recommendations to fit our clients’ strategic plans.

All this, plus industry leading tools to measure employee and customer satisfaction. Highly versatile tools providing the data you need to support ongoing communication to enhance mobilization and recognition.

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How we get things done.

We are here to translate knowledge and insights into improved customer experiences.



We take all our data on customer behaviour and transform it into insights.



We take our insights and adjust experiences in real-time.



We create an experience that engages customers at all points of contact

Marketing decisions with impact

Iconic brands aren’t created overnight.
They’re the result of insights and hard work.

And we’re here to make it happen with a wide range of skillsets and services to take your brand to the next level. Assisted selling. Awe-inspiring events. Integrated campaigns. Immersive experiences. We pull it all together to make to create an impactful brand story like no other.

Brand Experience

CX culture development

Leaders of global organizations. Emerging entrepreneurs. Individuals or teams on a mission.

We are here for you. We are the voice of your customer. Experts in our field. Generating insights through accessible technology so that you can translate all you’ve learned into action.

Union InstituTe

Partnerships made human.

We offer customized business solutions across many industries

“Union works with us and our network of more than 300 hardware stores to ensure the consistency and quality of the services we offer our customers. This process helps us develop a strong brand image as well as retain our customers and attract new clienteles.”

Claudie Gervais, Principal Director, Marketing and Business Intelligence, BMR

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