Empower your organization. Put your people first.

It all starts with a well-defined culture that your employees will want to share. Through our trusted diagnostic and employee feedback methodologies, across all departments in your company, you’ll hear every voice. With the appropriate analysis and insights, we will give you the right action plan to impact engagement, talent planning, productivity, and innovation.

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Encouraging an overall positive employee experience can go a long way. And the more employees are on board with your brand, the more positive the collective company experience. Employees are your first customers. A strong employee experience is just good business.


Empowering your employees as brand ambassadors has direct financial outcomes. You’ll experience lower turnover and absenteeism and improved productivity. It’s what happens when the people that work for the brand, stand behind their brand.


Improving employee experience directly improves the customer experience — one that is more interactive, and engaged. Studies show that a 1% increase in employee mobilization can add up to a 5% increase in customer satisfaction.

What we bring to the table.

Positive people-oriented feedback collected in a secure and optimal way. Learn how to use feedback to cultivate and maintain a positive brand experience for everyone.

Employee engagement surveys

Moments of truth. Customer expectations. Room for improvement. Our proprietary methodology will give you an operational overview of your company. Insights will give you a concise reality check. And 360 support on how you can implement positive change.

Training & workshops

Made to measure for your company. For you, this means we tailor our workshops according to your results. Making training more relevant, more effective, and ultimately more impactful. Whether it’s in small executive workshops or for the entire company.

Data analysis and insights

Our proprietary technology offers solutions to more accurately measure employee and customer satisfaction. Versatile tools providing the data and insights required to enhance both engagement and recognition.

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How we get things done.

Unity is at the heart of everything we do. And we do it by creating seamless connections between brands and their employees.



It’s not just about the questions. It’s how you question. Our confidential surveys guarantee high response rates yielding greater insights.



Listening is key. We analyze quantitative and qualitative data to identify practical moments of truth to help your employees better represent your brand. 



With our analyst’s report on hand we can help you, via the Union Institute, to build a concrete action plan to quickly improve employee experience.

CX culture development

It’s amazing what can happen when you put people and technology together.

Turn knowledge into action. Improve your skills and that of your team. If you’re the leader of a global organization or an emerging entrepreneur, The Union Institute is here to help take your company further.

Union Institute

Employer Branding

When you treat your entire company as a brand you’re in a better position to secure top talent.

We go further to understand employee attitudes and satisfaction drivers, so that you can improve the overall employee experience. Together, we take these insights and work to develop an internal brand identity and build better engagement.


Partnerships made human.

We offer customized business solutions across many industries

“Union works with us and our network of more than 300 hardware stores to ensure the consistency and quality of the services we offer our customers. This process helps us develop a strong brand image as well as retain our customers and attract new clienteles.”

Claudie Gervais, Principal Director, Marketing and Business Intelligence, BMR

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